Space Wench and Friends: The Morrigan Picture

The Morrigan is there when the crows gather to feed upon the corpses of those slain in battle. She is there when armies swell, when the blood of mortal men is spilled upon the dead sand of alien worlds. Always, she smiles.

The Morrigan greets all who make their way into Space. Sometimes she takes the form of a giant, moon-sized crow, and sometimes that of a hostess. She is more than happy to point out the things in Space which will kill you and the many terrors which await in the black.

Space Wench got drunk with the Morrigan on Space Station Ulster once and woke up to find one kidney gone. 'This is payment,' she heard a voice in her head, 'so the void does not take you until the end days'.

The Morrigan is also known as Mór-ríoghain, Morrigu and Morrigna.
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