LoU : First Creations. Picture

First Creations.(in my LoU novel.)
Inspiration: First Creations of Brahma in Buddhism, First Creations of Brahma in Hinduism, First Creations of God in Christianity, First Creations of the God of Creation in mythologies, Creation in Lord of the Rings.
Other Names: The First Things Were Created, the First Creations, First Creations of Hollowness. the First Creations by the Supreme God, the First Things, the First Things of Creation.
First Creations, also known as The First Things Were Created, or First Creations of Hollowness, was the first things that were created by Brahmahovahna, the Supreme God. Start with the Supreme God's Creations, in the Legends of Lumener Order and G.o.D religion believed and said that the Supreme God create the Light and the Darkness is first creation thing that were created, later as Deities and Devas was second creation things, create Swarga(Heaven) and Naraka(Hell) was third creation things, create All Dimensions the spiritual world realms) was fourth creation things, create The Might(the greatest powers within the all living being's mind and spirit, the Power between Natural powers and Divine powers) was fifth creation things, create The Core of Universe was sixth creation things, and the Supreme God create the Universe was seventh creation things, which within the Universe include galaxies, stars, planets, star systems, moons, the contents of intergalactic space, all energies, and nature, landscape, and weather of each planets. These first creations had had different duties in their duties, Gods and Angels have mostly duties to protect the Universe and Heaven, or govern some natural powers and some temperaments, the Universe officiate as the home of many all living being races, and The Might was the greatest power field that officiate treat goodness and balance of entire the Universe, etc. After first all living being races get born, all living being races, including Human races in the First Age have the good mind and are under the good teaching of the Supreme God and the Light, But while all races have good mind and love peace and happiness, Ranous, the God of Demons want to revenge the Supreme God that cast out him and his demons out from Heaven, and cursed for eternally dwell in the Umbrarus, Ranous determine to declaring war with the Supreme God and all Deities on Swarga, The Great War in Heaven have beginning. For a Thousand years the War between the Deities&Devas with Demons has been waged, However, in the end of the War, the Gods and Angels get victory from the Demons, Ranous and his army cast out from Heaven again, But before the war is finished, Ranous have persuade and induce mind of the Great Archangel named, "Lucitarn", and deceive him betray the Supreme God after the war is end, for the purpose of usurp the supreme power from the Supreme God and rule entire the Three World Realms(the Universe/all spiritual dimensions, Naraka, Swarga), But rebellion had fail, Lucitarn and his betrayal armies has cast out from Swarga to the Triko Mounts, Lucitarn swear will avenge in everything that the Supreme God create it, He swear will deceive mind of all living beings for betray the Supreme God and workship to Him, He will deceive everything's mind becoming evil minds be similar to him was. Ranous give Lucitarn becoming the King of all evil beings both in the Universe and the Umbrarus and have seated the throne of the Umrarus govern all demons and devils. He and Ranous have collaborated for plans to make all living being becoming his eternally servants with passions to their all mind and the Dark Power to the mind of all Might-users, when the Great Day has come, these evil sin spirits will was one of his Dark armies for fight with all Deities in the Last Battle.
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