Weshen Unnutu Picture

Weshen Unnutu

Pesterchum name: moonTrickster

Typing Issue: UO•OU Starts with a “rabbit face” and tends t• speak in riddles. Replaces Os with •s, •therwise perfect grammar and punctuati•n.

Font Color: Snowshoe Hare Gray, which is so light it's nearly white. This is due mostly to his shyness. When speaking to “predators” (Nepeta and Morgan) he makes the rabbit face completely white to hide it. He's also more shy around them and more flighty.

Rabbit (found in Celtic, Mayan, Chinese, and Native American signs)

Symbol: any sort of rabbit, generally tribal. Doesn't use randomize because it would make it harder to hide.

Mythological entity named for: Egyptian entity Wenet and Chinese entity Tu En Shen

Blood Color: Orchid (rare purple)

God Tier: a Heir of some kind...some mix of Mind and Life

Loves confusing others, because if you can confuse a predator you can run. He's very shy and very flighty, generally he looks like he might run away at any given moment unless he's with Lupini. He jumps at every little sound and runs from everything. After all, how else would he have survived as a little rabbit? He wears a jacket to hide better, and he changes it to match where ever he is, so he blends in perfectly. Naturally he's vegetarian as well.

-extra info not needed-


Lupini: Moirail

Equius: Flushed crush, most definitely unrequited.

Morgan, Nepeta, and Twins: scare the crap outta him (even though they've done nothing to him they smell like predators)

Vriska: scares him more then Nepeta and Morgan. (She's done nothing either, but she creeps him out)

Tavros: best...bro...EVER!

Usagi: Rabbit-mother lusus. Was killed by Okami

Strife Portfolio: Fistkind (this doesn't rlly work 2 well. Usually he gets out of fights by running and/or being adorable. He tries to avoid conflict whenever he can)

Fetch Modus Setting: Flee -allows him to grab stuff out while he runs just by thinking about it, rather then having to pull the cards out. Comes with a never ending supply of smoke pellets-

Age: 6.7 Alternian Solar Sweeps (15 years. Looks 10-12)

Planet: Land of Thought and Flow

Name Breakdown (Troll) : Both 1st and last name come from the same 2 deities, just different parts of them. The Swift One, the Egyptian guardian of the otherworld, Wenet Unnut Lady of Unu. She was a hare goddess. Her name makes up the 1st part of the 1st name and the last. Tu En Shen, literally meaning “rabbit deity”, is a Chinese god who is the guardian of love and sex of homosexual men. This is where the last parts of both names come from.

Name Breakdown (Pesterchum) : The name comes from 2 different things. The “moon” part is from the story of the Moon Rabbit, with is Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican with alterations to each story. “Trickster” comes from the fact that in many myths hares and rabbits alike are seen as deceptive and persuasive, able to trick you into doing nearly anything.

Personality Qualities: Always feels vulnerable, like someone or some thing might jump out and grab him any minute. This makes him very paranoid and he tends to stay silent because of it. It's not that he can't talk, so much as he's afraid to. He is very smart and creative, very aware of everything around him and also very perceptive. This is why he's partly Mind aspect, and why he's on the planet he is. However, rabbits also symbolize rebirth and population, along with good health, rejuvenation, longevity, new beginnings, and the current flow of growth. This is why he's partly Life aspect. You wouldn't really know it by how he acts but he's incredibly lucky, having only been caught once and escaping. (This was from Lupini...and also when Okami killed Usagi) He's also lucky with games and...everything else. This is why Vriska hates him. He's extremely fast, just as fast as Dirk when he wants to be. This has also kept him alive through everything. He actually (usually) doesn't mean to speak in riddles, he's just very philosophical and breaks everything down probably way more then is needed. He tends to think of everything as a sum of parts, and breaks down each of those parts to get to the sum of that part. He is always thinking, and would probably be the 1st out of any situation gone bad because he's already plotted a way out. He can be extremely tricky to pin down, being a master of confusion. He likes to play mind games and this tends to make people back down. After all, it's easier to fight with a sword then with intellect.

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