Lawrence Archer Picture

I'm very proud of this drawing! I hope this character is alright. I used this OC form:… , but I added some things. Any constructive criticism would be great!


• Name: Lawrence Archer
• Nicknames: Archer
• Age: 30 years old
• D.O.B: November 18th
• Place of Birth: Athens, Georgia
Zodiac: Scorpio

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Human

Residence: He lives in his 1994 Dodge Ramcharger (…)

Occupation: Hunter, sometimes works at stores he's stationed by for some money


Height: 6'

Weight: 157 lbs.

Hair: Light brunette

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Olive

Body type: Sort of narrow hips and a muscular build

Style: Clothes that are easy to move around in, comfortable and good for the situation

Clothing: Ranging from different colors of short sleeved shirts over long sleeved shirts, boots with good traction, a bag, comfortable and easy to move around in jeans, a warm brown coat when he is in cold weather

Jewelry / Others: His ears are both pierced twice and wears silver studs, blue necklace his parents gave him for good luck charm, two tattoos; one crimson moon on his right ankle and one that goes around his upper arm that's crimson and light blue


Overall: Lawrence is overall a very trusting guy. He's ready to put himself out there for the people he cares for. Though to people he doesn't really know, he doesn't seem very emotional. Lawrence, when around people he doesn't really know or just met, is very snobby. He sometimes thinks he's better than other people, especially when he is around the people he doesn't know. He comes off as conceited and arrogant to those people. He becomes even more haughty when in battle just to piss off the person he is fighting. But when he is around the people he cares for, he becomes a little softy. The people he cares for would be his parents. Lawrence would do anything for them.

Likes: Mythology (especially Greek mythology), Cryptic Zoology (study of creatures whose existence has not yet been proven, i.e. Bigfoot), Oceanology (study of ocean life), rainy days, storms, days when he can take a break, soda (he's never really been one for alcohol), writing in his journal, hunting, learning new things

Dislikes: Hot days, very warm weather, sunburns, hot places, fire, annoying creatures/people (though he can be one), vampires, people getting in his way, people saying they are better than him, people calling him early in the morning, people waking him up, driving late at night, the feeling of being watched, his privacy being invaded

Fears: Someone taking away the only people in his life, kakorrhaphiaphoba (fear of failure), taphephoba (fear of being buried alive), uranphobia (fear of Heaven), hadephobia (fear of Hell)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, learning about new monsters, hunting

Dreams: To stop monsters and the evil beings of the world from taking over, to settle down and have a normal life

Flaws: Very snobby to people, gets into trouble a lot, literally looks for trouble to distract himself, bad at self defense

Strengths: Can fight very well with a knife, remembers a lot of symbols to help and fight with, always prepared

Fun facts:

-has always been interesting in monsters
-loves the ocean
-loves animals
-he used to have two cats and a dog (…,…)
-loves to learn


Ever since Lawrence learned how to read, he's always been fascinated by monsters and mythology. His parents fueled his curiosity by buying him books and taking him to the library to learn more. When he turned 13, he had his first supernatural experience.

Lawrence had been at a sleepover with his friends and they decided to play with a Ouija board. They asked a few questions, ones like 'were you hot?', 'do you know anyone hot?', ect., and the chip moved. The other boys were laughing, thinking that one of the others were moving the chip. The only one that was freaked out was Lawrence. The chip kept on giving them some weird answers that no one really understood. When the others were done, everyone but Lawrence pulled away. One of his best friends Mike asked why he wasn't pulling away. Lawrence said that they should say goodbye, or the spirit will not leave. The others laughed but Mike nodded in agreement. Before Lawrence could say goodbye, one of the other boys pushed him jokingly.

The chip suddenly started darting back and forth on the board. All of the boys looked at it with frightened looks. Suddenly, all Hell broke loose. No parents were home that night, so no one heard the screams coming from the house until all of the boys started rushing outside. Mike was the only one that was hurt. The spirit had thrown a heavy desk on the poor boy. Lawrence had to drag him out of the house to save him. The spirit had seemed to have left.

The boys called 911 and got Mike to the hospital. After a while, the nurse told them what was wrong. Mike was paralyzed from the waist down. Lawrence was heartbroken. He felt horrible from his friend. He wished that they had never played with the Ouija board.

When Lawrence turned 18, he decided to move out so he could start hunting some of the horrible monsters he learned about. His attitude had changed over the years. He had become more snobby and outgoing. Over the past 5 years, he had learned a lot about the monsters of his world and how to fight them. Lawrence had learned symbols to protect himself with and different tactics to help protect. When he was leaving, his parents gave him a necklace as a good luck charm. He always keeps it with him, no matter where he is or what he is doing. Lawrence said goodbye and took his car, leaving behind his old life.

Now 30, Lawrence travels around in his 1994 Dodge Ramcharger that he lives in hunting things. He's trying to make the world a better place so the monsters won't hurt anyone. He hasn't been very successful so far since the monsters aren't gone, but he's trying his best.

He doesn't meet Sam and Dean until one mission with the Leviathans.
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