Work summary in 2012 Picture

It's the last deviant in year 2012. I choose it for best work in the month from my PC. if you interest. you can go to work in my link below.

January : [link] (Guan Yim Bodhisattva and The Dragon)
February : [link] (Commision work - Paduang market)
March : [link] (India Robomancer with rescue robot)
April : [link] (Vessantara's family)
May : [link] (2600 years Buddha Jayanti celebration)
June : [link] (Mahabharata - Bhimasena action)
July : [link] and [link] (Balarama and Hare Krishna with war flag)
August : [link] (Angry birds - India rangers version)
September : [link] (Moon Goddess with series OC)
October : [link] (Kanha and Jali with Thai ghost costume)
November : [link] (Loykrathong event with robot inventors)
December : [link] (Mahabharata - Pandavas Majesty celebration)
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