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These creatures are known as Universe Creatures. There are a lot more of them and they are base on almost every mythology creatures. Long ago, Universe Creature did appear in different countries, creating stories from almost every cultures. However, one day, they all disappeared. They did said they will return when good and evil are face off once more and will come back to Earth again...

I'm sure most of them you're familiar with them from before. I created them since I was in Elementary School. I was inspire by Digimon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon and Sailor Moon and so, I started to draw just animals. I'm good with drawing animals, but back then, I was horrible of drawing humans. I decided to just make up a story about them; these six creatures you see, and their adventures. But then later on in Middle School, I'd stop drawing for awhile. Then later on in High School; 11th grade, I decided to re-draw them, but with new creatures and again after graduating, I stop. But luckily in Inner City, I redrew Stripes and Cy again to make a short Video Clip. Since then, I decided to create a new story, but with humans in it.

[On the first row-top left]
Stripes the Tiger-Cat (The very first character I ever created. She's base on my once pet cat; Saffy)
Age: 13-14
Ht: 2'1"
Species Base On: Tabby Cat
Gender: Female
Personalities: Sweet, brave, caring, curious, trustful & loyal
Alignment: Good/Heroine
Owner/Partisan: Ginny
Color of the Jewel: Magenta/Red
Element: Unknown (Mainly Psychic. It's an element mixture of psychic, magic, time & space) [link]

[On the first row-top right]
Navyo the MerCat (Originally his name was Cat Fish,
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