different scythes I have drawn Picture

(1) lotus scythe. This scythe is graceful and delicate like the lotus flower so one would say this would be a graceful death.

(2) tri dragon scythe. This scythe is the embodiment of the 3 mystic guardian dragons. It’s powers are unknown

(3) undead slayer this scythe is able to kill anything undead like vampires and so forth.

(4) raven’s furry. This scythe once belonged to the great raven queen but after she died it was lost to time its powers are a mystery. It is very sharp so it will be a quick death.

(5) succubus lust. This scythe was once used by the queen succubus one strike and she could drain the life out of a man. They say no man can even touch it or their life will be drained out of them gruesome.

(6) heavens might. This scythe is said to be made in heaven itself it is said to be able to burn anything wicked with one strike.

(7) Fire dragon’s breath this scythe was placed in the belly of a fire dragon and embedded with the powers of fire. This has one nasty fire strike so watch.

(8) screaming death this scythe is said to let out a screeching sound like that of a banshee which is said to kill anything that hears it.

(9) ogre shredder. This scythe is said to be the only thing able to slice through an ogres skin. So you know it has to be sharp.

(10) Abigail’s curse a once noble woman who was pure and good of heart who turned evil and killed many innocent people was punished for her actions by having her spirit trapped in this scythe. So now anyone who picks up the scythe will be possessed by Abigail’s spirit and forced collect souls with this scythe.

(11) dark heart this scythe comes from the very heart of the nexsses. It filled with so much darkness one strike and you will be killed .

(12)mystic scythe of Tir Na Nog. This scythe belonged to a great female warrior who lived in Tir Na Nog. She was a warrior with grace and beautiful just like the scythe. When she used it you would most likely not live.

(13) gorgon’s gaze this scythe is the embodiment of the 3 gorgon sisters of Greek mythology. One strike can turn you to stone and another strike can well you know.

(14) death’s scythe the famed scythe used by death himself enough said.

(15) spirit scythe. As the name says it is a spirit scythe that collects the spirits of those it kills and adds them to the army of souls in it I have said it before nice to have an army of souls at you beck and call.

(16) serpent’s kiss. This scythe was placed in the belly of the ancient golden serpent who was a master of lighting. One strike from this can electrocute any living being.

(17) Belgors fire. This scythe belonged to a great fire warrior named Belgor he was a master of fire all feared him. So you know this scythe will cause a nice flaming death.

(18) death’s scythe recreated. All know of death’s scythe but few know of it’s long standing myth that one could make this and use it. Many have tried but have died trying. So once again it is just a myth or maybe it’s not a myth. I mean you are looking at a picture of it. All in all if you could make this and use it you would be very powerful that’s for sure.

Moon-Shadow-1985 Ichmagz March90
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