Influence Map - the past Picture

So here's that thing that's going around (i tend to speak of memes like an illness...i think it's appropriate). i interpreted it a little differently. instead of posting the things that i look at now to inspire me, i posted the things that truly influenced me into being where i am and doing what i do today. these things still inspire me, but they're less of a passing fad as many of the more recent things that inspire me tend to be. not a lot of surprises here, but i'll go through it anyway for anyone still reading.

1) Super Mario
2) Mythology (any and all)
3) Street Fighter 2 (though i'm not that into SF, it was my gateway into anime, which has been a huge influence on me)
4) Legend of Zelda
5) Music
6) X-Men (both the comic and the cartoon)
7) Disney (how can an animator do this and NOT put disney?)
8) Alphonse Mucha
9) Bernini
10) Sailormoon
11) Batman the Animated Series (and Batman Beyond, which is what i was watching when the "i want to be an animator" lightbulb went off in my head)

It's not a mistake that the music layer is behind the entire image. throughout everything that has inspired me though my life, the music associated with it has inspired me too, often times to a greater and longer degree. i lurv me some music!

I have too many things to do. I shouldn't be doing this right now -_- original template comes from here -> [link]
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