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Swarga.(in my LoU novel.)
Inspirations: Heavens in Buddhism, Heavens in Hinduism, Heavens in Christianity, Heavens in mythologies, Aman(Heavens) in Lord of the Rings, the Force World(Heavens) in Star Wars.
Other Names: Svarga, Heaven Realm, Heaven World, Heaven world realm, The Realm of Bliss and Happiness ,The Realm of Eternally Blissful, the World of Gods and Angels, path to the heaven, paradise, The Might world, Swarga Loka, the Divinity realm, a higher place, the holiest place.
Swarga, also known as Svarga, Swarga Loka, or Heaven, is a place of Bliss and Happiness, is a place where celestial beings such as Deities, Devas, Good Spirits, all Heavenly beings and the Supreme God. Heaven is often described as a "higher place", the holiest place, a Paradise, in contrast to Naraka or Hell or the "low places", and in contrast to Umbrarus Realm or Asuras World. Swarga or Heaven was the spiritual world realms, can't see with normal eyes. All Swarga realm plane levels is 8 plane levels, include Worlds of Sumeru(The Normal Hight Heavens), Air Heavens(The Higher Heavens) and Brahmahovahna world(The Highest Heaven). the Worlds of Sumeru is an immense, strangely shaped peak which arises in the center of the Universe, and around which the Sun and Moon revolve. Its base rests in a vast ocean, and it is surrounded by several rings of lesser mountain ranges and oceans. include the three world levels are all located on, or around, Mount Sumeru, such as the Trayastrimsa realm, devas that still have passions live on its peak, the Caturmaharajikakayika realm, low devas that still have passions live on its slopes, and the Ashura(Umbrarus) realm, the Asuras live in the ocean at its base and live in the under of Sumeru Mount and Satbripans mountains. Sumeru and its surrounding oceans and mountains are the home not just of these deities, but also vast assemblies of beings of popular mythology who only rarely intrude on the human world and the Universe. the Air Heavens is an more immense than the Worlds of Sumeru, the following four worlds are bounded planes, each 80,000 yojanas square, which float in the air above the top of Mount Sumeru. Although all of the worlds inhabited by devas (that is, all the worlds down to the Caturmaharajikakayika world and sometimes including the Asuras) are sometimes called "heavens", in the mostly of all living beings sense of the word the term best applies to the four worlds of the Air Heavens, include Parinirmita-vasavartin realm, The heaven of devas "with power over (others') creations" and the highest heaven of devas, Nirmanarati realm, The world of devas "delighting in their creations", Tusita realm, The world of the "joyful" devas, and Yama realm, the "heaven without fighting". the MahaBrahmahovahna realm, the world of "the Supreme God", this heaven is seventh heaven and is highest heaven, this heaven is the world of the Supreme God, God of All-Creation, "Brahmahovahna", If Lumener or other Light Might-users could becoming one with The Might and The Supreme God's Eternally, Their highest spirit will dwell in this heaven together with the Might and the Supreme God Brahmahovahna. each Heaven plane level will have its rulers for dominating each devas and deities in each heaven levels with justice and goodness, such as in the first heaven or Caturmaharajikakayika rulers are the four Great Kings of the name, Vaisravana(the King of Yaksas(all giants), eighth archangel, and the leader of the four heavenly kings) , Dhritarashta(the King of Gandharvas(all fairies)), Virupaksa(the King of Nagas(all dragons)), and Virudhaka(the King of Garudas(all eaglelike being)). in the second heaven or Trayastrimsa ruler is Sakra(the King of Trayastrimsa angels&deities, ninth archangel, and God of Lightning). in the third heaven or Yama ruler is Suyama(the King of Yama angels&deities, tenth archangel). in the fourth heaven or Tusita ruler is Santusita(the King of Tusita angels&deities, eleventh archangel). in the fifth heaven or Nirmanarati ruler is Sunirmita(the King of Nirmanarati angels&deities, twelfth archangel). in the sixth heaven or Parinirmita-vasavartin ruler is Parinirmita(the King of Parinirmita-vasavartin angels&deities, thirteenth archangel, former companion of Lucitarn), originally old ruler of sixth is Vasavartin(Lucitarn) before he will betray and lead his angel armies fight with the Supreme God, Parinirmita-vasavartin is the highest residencies of all devas and some deities, has longer life, greater beauty, more power and happiness and more delightful sense-objects than the other devas of his world. This world is also the home of the devaputra (being of divine race) called Devil, Asura or Evil Angel, before they were hurled from Parinirmita-vasavartin, where they had formerly lived.
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