Influence Bandwagon Picture

I did it. Now, this isn't an influence on my art per se as it is a collection of various inspirations that influence my LIFE. Here's who's who if you're having some trouble.

1. `alexds1 , aka Der-shing Helmer, creator of a popular webcomic called "The Meek" (found at [link] ) Website: [link] . I admire this artist for the way they draw anatomy, the cartoony expressions, and the overall style.

2. Sailor Moon, specifically Sailor Uranus and Neptune. I like lesbians, and any such gay/lesbian/transexual/bisexual sort of thing (I think partially because I'm bi...) But I also enjoy the Sailor Senshi, especially Sailor Pluto for her mysteriousness, her strange powers, and her overall look.

3. Yuko Ota, artist of a semi-autobiographical webcomic journal, found here: [link] I like her for similar reasons as to why I like Der-shing's work.

4. Mythological creatures The pictures found here is A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse, which I found on wikipedia. Myths don't just influence my art, they inspire me to create more.

5. It's obscure, but it's from the movie Prince of Egypt by Dreamworks. This has inspired many stories of mine, from the miraculous wonders, to the strong female characters, to the two Egyptian priests, Hotep and Hoem.

6. Of course, Kate Beaton's Hark a Vagrant comics are amazingly adorable. The simple drawing style, the historical clothes, the funny writing, all of it is something I've enjoyed. Here, you should too: [link]

7. Yet another webcomic, this one by Dylan Meconis. I was a fan of her webcomic, "Bite Me!", and then became a fan of her newest comic "Family Man". I loved her historical silliness in Bite Me, and I love the way she draws architecture and clothing. Family Man is found here: [link]

8. Leonardo Da Vinci, The Vitruvian Man. I love anatomy sketches and I love Da Vinci, partially because he's considered a master of art (and as a kid I wanted to be a master of art myself), partially because he was an inventor.

9. You probably know this artist by his work on a popular manga called Bleach, but here is Tite Kubo's fanart of DBZ. I like how he draws his characters, never copying the same face onto another character.

10. Calvin and Hobbes, and by extension the artist Bill Watterson, has influenced me when I first picked up the book. The deep conversations these two friends had, their love for nature and each other, and the fact that it's a kid who has an "imaginary friend" just clung onto me.

11. Fairy Tales have influenced me probably for similar reasons that Calvin and Hobbes and mythology did. This picture is by Ivan Bilibin, and follows the story called "Vasilisa the Beautiful". (found on wikipedia)

12. Journal webcomics are something I've admired. I had planned on making a few myself, but all that happens to me is either uneventful or just not things you should talk about. Either way, I enjoy them. This image is by Pranas T. Naujokaitis, who draws his own autobiographical webcomic called Inkdick, found here: [link]

13. Indiana Jones has influenced my whole life, from what kind of guy I lust over, to creating nerdy people who can go from class to a whip snapping, dungeon crawling, Nazi fighting, girl kissing, handsome son of a gun.

14. If you haven't noticed from some of my work, I enjoy pin up art, and sometimes even dirtier stuff for inspiration. This is from the artist Gil Elvgren.

and last but not least,

15. Scott McCloud. After I purchased a book called Making Comics, I became inspired to do more backgrounds, more details, more comics! Of course, none of you have seen anything come of it yet.
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