Delila Quivil Picture

Character Theme: mythology
Gender: female
Age: 8 sweeps
World: Beforus
Alignment: True Neutral
Quadrants filled: none
Lusus: small, tame mammal (honey badger)

-Physical Description-
Blood Color: jade
Height: average in height
Build: willow
Hair: wild, cut short to ears

Vim: 5/10 - she's average in strength

Imagination: 6/10 - her imagination is higher than most normal trolls

Pulchritude: 7/10 - she's very beautiful then most midbloods

Intelligence: 6/10 - she's smarter than the average troll
Extraversion: 5/10 - she's normal towards most people and is outgoing
Sentimentality: 3/10 - she's not very emotional with her actions or thoughts
Stability: 4/10 - she's not very stable when it comes to sanity so which leads to her always being on her own in her hive

Aggression: 1/10 - she's not really into fighting so she's not really ready or vigilant
Luck: 5/10 - she has average luck
Wealth: 3/10 - she needs money send help, but she has hella fashion sense doe
Humor: 4/10 - she's not very funny
Kindness: 2/10 - “whats kindness? Speak up you delicious low blooded twat?”
Romanticism: 8/10 - she once flirted with her reflection for an hour
Psionics: 5/10 - her only power is her rainbow drinker stare and that's it
Hemoloyalty: 10/10 - she's all about the hemospectrum, she loves all colors and the tastes are wonderful to her

Lusus Influence: 5/10 - she has a basic relationship with her lusus

-Values and Goals-
You dislike: your locked crate or box
You are obsessed with: the open sea
Weak goal: to locate something lost
Weak fear: failure
Very strong skill: staff or lance fighting

-SGRUB (optional)-
Title: Thief of Time
Moon: Prospit
Strife Specibus: staffkind

Ancestor - abscondr- the abscondr was known for amazing attacks but she would always quickly fled before the enemy was killed but the camps were always severely harmed, she normally attacked the low blooded camps and was loyal to the highbloods and followed orders, but was killed by a lowblood after the abscondr tried to flew from a failed attack

i used…
to help make her!
made by @Kintupsi

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