Dieter Volker SAI Practice Picture

Still messing around with SAI ~__~ This time, the subject of my random doodling is my OC "Dieter Etzel Volker".

This guy is quite an old OC of mine, easily 10 years old, but much neglected as of lately OTL. Oh well.. originally a knight who stubbornly sticks to the codes of chivalry and honor, thus earning him the nickname of "The Straight Arrowed Knight".

Anyways, as with my other OC Mitsui, I've subtly changed a few things for Dieter (most noticeably, I chopped off his ponytail and gave him blue highlights through his ashen-grey hair - which is meant to complement the light bluish ice crystals that form when he takes on his wolf form. Sorry for cutting your ponytail off D, but sacrifices must be made~
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