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This is a ref for my character Mynxx. I did this ref over the summer so it's pretty old. Well, the art itself is old but all the information is up to date (except for her birthdate which I didn't include). So, I'm not too happy with how this ref turned out but I decided to upload it here anyway.

Full Name: Mynxx Melinda Black
Nickname: none
Species: Purple Point Persian
Birthplace: Salem, Mass., USA.
Birthdate: n / a
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Sex Penchant: Homosexual
Ethnicity: American
Martial Status: taken by (my character) Dixy
Hair Colour: black with purple streaks
Hair Style: Long with some waves. Usually wears her hair in two low pigtails with big hair ribbons. A random strip of her usually comes down in front of her face.
Eye Colour: purple (varies from light to darker purple)
Height: 5'7"
Outfit Penchant: Punk/gothic clothing. Mostly wears black, loves to wear anything camo (jackets, skirts, pants, ties, tights, hair ribbons). Wears anything studded (belts, bracelets, chokers). Likes to wear corsets and bondage pants.
Jewelry: Usually wears a Swavorski(sp?) crystal cresent moon shaped necklace. Likes to wear studded jewelry and black rubber bracelets.
Tattoos: None.
Piercings: One in each ear, belly button
Behavior: Usually calm, but gets angered/annoyed/frustrated easily. Mynxx is usually good natured but can get easily annoyed by people who don't click with her. She is usually kindest to close friends and family members. Doesn't warm up well to strangers and doesn't trust easily.
Social: Most of the time.
Fears: Being unhappy.
Significant Other: Dixy.
Parents: n / a
Siblings: 2 little brothers.
Children: None.
Friends: Lolita, Dixy, Beary, Birthday, Eva, Disney, Juggla, James, Bruce, Mike, Ramsey.
Drug User: Yes, but mostly prefers cigarettes.

Colour: Purple.
Food: Spaghetti and meatballs.
Drink: Energy drinks.
Movie: The Little Mermaid.
Game: Halo.
Music: Slipknot.

Hates: Annoying people, people who are too happy, when her friends are upset, boredom, work.
Loves: Dixy, loud music, rock/metal music, mythology, hanging out with friends, military, weapons, smoking, politics, video games, fortune telling.


Jacket: Duchesse, Shirt: Junk Food, Skirt: Mac Girl, Choker: H&M, Bag: Gurlz Luv Bags, Sunglasses: JLO by Jennifer Lopez, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell.

Profile Template (c) *Kizmit
Mynxx & Ref (c) Myself.
August 2007.
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