Meet The Dragon Picture

There was once a time when
They ruled our Earth
All the land was owned by them
The mighty beasts of Dragons.

Rulers of the seas and oceans
Kings of the Sky and Sun;
Queens of the Stars and Moon
They were the Guardians of the Earth.

Then came Man
Demanding and commanding
Driving them from all their dwellings
Into dark caverns to lie in.

The Dragons took flight as freedom was theirs
Where to, no one knows - but
Don't the Sun and Moon still rise?
Don't the waves still wash upon the shore?

If they had left our Earth for good
There'd be no sunlight
There'd be no rain:
Nothing would live again.

Until the day they decide to wake
To leave all Earth in the hands of
Man, always will the Dragons be
The Guardians of The Earth.

©1999 Jess C Scott

[Epic Tale Series 4/4]
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