Sun Picture

I really, really, really hate, despise, and loath what my scanner has done to this picture. Once I get some updated version of some drawing apparatus on the computer (ANYTHING is better than Microsoft Paint 2003), I'll resubmit this with the contrast heightened so you can see the shading. And I have no idea why my scanner always puts a blue spot in that place, but it's annoying and takes too long to correct if it's on the subject of the drawing, so there it stays.

I have another image I drew a year ago (but misplaced...) of a young Sun and Moon together, with the Moon looking up at the sky with eyes closed, and the Sun kneeling, palms pressed on either side of a flower blooming. This is the older Sun's face with the same flower.

You can't really see much of it, but you can't stab my scanner; I'm doing it now.
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