Zephyr Picture

Zephyr Fay from my not so famous writings! Or Jasper Whitlock, they both look alike instead of looking like their supposed twin (in Jasper's case, not his real twin, its a disguise).Take your pick.
I purposely used the grayscale effect and the brightness and contrast because this kind of lining suits him. I really wish i had a jacket like his. Maybe i'll add a "little" more filter to make it colorful.
Tell me if its horrible. Dang, this picture keeps reminding me of the song Inside of you by Hoobastank, it keeps going on and on in my head. Probably because in the album it sounds like boot camp time and whenever i think of that it reminds me of Jasper, which reminds me of Zephyr, which reminds me of more twilight.
Which reminds me that i should put a claimer and disclaimer.
The original idea of Twilight is Stephenie Meyer's. and so is Jasper and Edward.
But Zephyr is my incest little creation.
Greek Mythology facts:
Zephyrus-god of the west wind
Correlation to that:
wind is to autumn
and Zephyr Autumn Fay is his name (c) This proves i have named him well. and Autumn is a girls' name, but who cares.
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