Kitsune under cherry blossom 2 Picture

Well this is drawn much like the other fox but, it has 3 tails and I added more detail to this one. In japanese mythology the more tails a fox has the older, and stronger a fox is so this fox or kitsune [japanese for fox]is older than the first one. I want to thank lisexlegend because the way she colors her drawings is kind of how I colored mine, leaving most of it black and white and then coloring just like 1 thing, in this case I thought that would look cool with the cherry blossom and the petals from it. This drawing I actually like, a lot [for one of my drawings]. I used black marker to darken the outline of everything to make it stand out more [I think I may have heard lisexlegend talking about that too??? which gave me the idea] But, anyway comments are nice XD

oh and i noticed after i already outlined in marker that i should have made the tail on the right a little closer to the fox but, i still think this is my best so far.
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