Quinn, Fairy of Electricity Picture

So, yeah. This Quinn. She's the tomboy of the group(even more than Aimee, and that's saying something!). I don't know why I didn't upload her with everyone else. Guess she just slipped my mind. Like many of my characters, Quinn has made many changes. When I first made her, She had long hair with a TON of electric blue highlights. I later fixed that to what it is now.

The most trouble I had with her was the name. I wanted her name to have some sort of meaning behind it, like the others. Aimee means loving, and Aimee is loving towards her siblings. Emilia means eager, and she's embracing her powers. Luna is latin for moon, Era means cloud princess, Persephone(Percy) is the daughter of the goddess of harvest, Demeter, in Greek mythology, and Percy originated from Lymphea. And, finally, Destiny. This one is almost as much of a given as Luna, but someones destiny can change with time, and it takes time for someone to complete their destiny.

Anywho... First(when she had longer hair), her name was going to be Lavinia, which means lighting. Then I was like 'Uh, no. Not tomboyish enough for her.'. After doing more research, I came across Electra. "Nope, to obvious." I thought(yeah, I know Luna is an obvious name!). I wanted to refrain from giving my characters names that matched their powers, much like with the original winx club(Tecna, fairy of TECHNOLOGY. Musa, fairy of MUSIC, ect. ect.).

Finally, after much resentment, I retorted to my last resort: my sisters. (Here's a fun fact: Destiny was based off one of my sisters and Quinn was based off the other.). I asked the twin I based her off of, and she suggested Quinn. Hence, how I got the name, even though it has ZERO meaning of electricity or lighting.
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