CE: Sailor Eurus, Guardian of the East Picture

Guardian of the East
Sailor Eurus

Civilian Information
Name: Anemone
Birthday: January 31 (Aquarius)
Age: 19
Eyes: sky blue
Hair: short orange bob
Skin: peach
Height: five foot two inches
Weight: 102 pounds
Build: short and lean

Likes: heights, fruits, cloud watching, cooking, and photography
Dislikes: organization, carrots, rude people, math, and being away from others
Strong Points: eyesight, archery, and socializing
Has Trouble With: insensitivity, being a loyal friend, and singing
Dream: To have wings and fly, and to be an acclaimed photographer

Relationship: stepsister of [name unknown] (Knight Borealis)

Personality: Anemone is a kind individual. She does her best to treat everyone nicely, especially her friends. As a communicative and social person, she values her friendships and she likes to interact with others. Anemone is intelligent. She likes to spend sometime writing and studying, but she prefers to study in a group. Anemone tends to be selfish and superficial. She values her appearance and some of her material possessions, particularly her bow and arrow. Anemone has a habit of being insensitive to other people's emotions, something she is trying to work since she prefers to avoid other people's feelings.

Senshi Information
Sailor Name: Sailor Eurus, Guardian of the East
Realm of Influence: air
Spirit: Eagle
Colors: light pink, black, and pale rose
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Attack: “Heavenly Arrow Shooter!”

Explanation for Senshi Name: Eurus is the Greek God of the East Wind.
Explanation for Civilian Name: In Greek mythology, Anemone was the name of a nymph who turned into a wind-flower.

Colored version of Sailor Eurus, my entry for HatterRose's Sailor Watchers contest.

Sailor Eurus/Anemone © Me
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
This character is an entry for HatterRose's contest.

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