Shitennou Tanzanite Picture

Okay, I bet you're sick of hearing the comparisons between the Shitennou and the Four Heavenly Beasts in eastern mythology, but here's another round of it. All of these are line art in the end and my theory on it. I will defend each one and why they're wearing what they have on (lots of research people!) so my opinion is solid, but it is strictly my opinion. If you want to agree to disagree, so be it.

Now that's done with, Tanzanite! or as you know him, Zoicite! Again, I renamed him this because Zoicite is too much of a girl in my head, and I read this great fanfic series where he was called Tanzanite so I went with it! Zoicite was the general over the European division of the Dark Kingdom, which is commonly called the West. West equals Byakko! Which is actually a lot of fun because Byakko was given a lot of different images (a giraffe thing was one of them) but I'm sticking with the white tiger version. Yes, I got lazy with the stripes. The last element available to him is wind too so don't mind too much. Honestly the elements don't matter. anyway, Zoicite's mission in the Sailor Moon RPG video game is in Sweden, so I gave him really warm clothes from Europe here! I also made him as cocky as always from the anime and manga. In the eastern myths, the shitennou of the west had a trident and a scroll in his hand, so there's a scroll at the bottom of the page and a trident in his arms. I cut off his hands on purpose. They sucked. Not even fully formed. XP
My theories, live with it.

Character isn't mine, story and picture is. Steal and die, comments loved. If you edit/color it, please send me the link and give credit. I'd love to see these colored.
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