Kachoufuugetsu Picture

花鳥風月 - Ka Chou Fuu Getsu (lit. Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon)
The 4 traditional themes in Japanese aesthetics, mostly interpreted to enjoy the beauties of nature.

So this is going to be my Christmas present for my mother this year. I was beating myself up pretty hard for not being able to afford to buy her anything this year because I have basically no money left, so she said she'd love if I just drew her something. So after a lot of thinking I was able to come up with this. I know it's not very original and the perspective and stuff might not even make sense, but it's the best I could do and I tried really hard.

My mother said she'd wish for something related to nature, just a very rough painting with a very calm theme. I hope I managed to do that with this one. Don't ask me why there's a Kitsune though. I somehow stumbled upon the wikipedia entry about Japanese Mythology and Kitsune and I was so intriguied that I just felt the urge to add one in this picture, plus my mother also said she likes foxes so I guess it works out
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