Daughter of Hel Picture

Another alternate version of the infamous feline Katavina. Based of an RP with kingman

Born from the seed of a Valkerie and The Norse goddess of the Underworld. Kata was taken from her crib by an accidental summoning spell. Instead of getting a demonic beast from the Underworld they got her instead.

Sadly the idiots who tried to bring chaos to the land of the living were easily wiped out by the Inquisitor Kingman.

No longer her infant form (only by full moon) The spell laced upon her turned her into a your teen (late teens try 17/18)

Kingman (with the help of Loki ) Vowed to train her in defending for her self and maybe one day bring her back to her mother's side.

She quickly learned to speak telepathically and control tele-porting through ice itself. She is as cold hearted as black ice hehe.

This is more serious character where she is not "cute and Innocent"

Kingman had a hard time convincing her that a scythe was not the best weapon to start as a weapon, but gave up after seeing her determination and stubbornness.

What she is wearing is her normal attire with sleeveless hoodie and walks bare footed even in the cold tundras of Russia

kingman and Loki is © to Kingman

Kata and art is mine

(Note ; i did an rp a while ago (before Exalted © to white wolf) Where we were more of reincarnates of the deities of old. Mine chose one who was close to Hel of Norse mythology heh))

I wanted to use her gifts again and put it into Kata since I had fun with her XD )))
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