Blades Picture

Heroes tend to have a weapon of choice, so here are the Blades of some of my Characters.

1. Bys's Sword: I'm still working on a good name for his Sword, like "The Titan Bane" cause this Sword was used by Barax the first Bysirian Guardian to slay Valcon the Titan of Destruction. I redesigned the handle to be horizontal so it's easier to hold in a talon, and he can walk while still holding his sword.

2. Silver's double bladed staff (The two moon staff): If you're familiar with Silver, then you'll know he's a how does he hold a weapon? In his Mouth. I can imagine him charging at an enemy and just going Darth Maul on them!

3. Zing-Long's Great sword: This one also needs a name, not much else I can say, it's a freakin awesome double bladed Sword for a Velociraptor Prince.

4. Angel of Death's Katar (The Cobra Fangs) A retractable double bladed katar that can clamp together like scissors and are laced with the venom of a King Cobra.

5. The Sword of Soul: This Blade is an expansion of Soul's own essence so Soul is the only one able to wield it.

6. My (Rise of the Dragons) Sword (The Creator's Quill): I'm not sure how I get it yet, but basically it's a pen shaped tool with the power of Creation. So I could draw a hole on a wall and jump through it like roadrunner, or draw a banana and make it physically animate. It's pretty much an artist's ultimate weapon, and it had another function where it projects a magical energy stream to form a blade.

7. Vladimir's Sword (The Sword of Tartarus) In Greek mythology, Tartarus was the name of the Underworld were all the worst of the worst people, monsters, or titans were banished to, it's said to be a Black Void.
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