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I see a great city whose glory touches the stars...

Gray box: Our heroes arrived to Rahpa even that evening.

Middle left
Gray box: In the inn on the Horse market
Caeliuss: Innkeeper, we want some dinner!

Middle center
Výkop: I will have a porridge, a sizable salad and roast some potatoes sliced as moons for me.
Innkeeper: scribe scribe Fullmoons or crescents?

Middle right
Kalevatar: I thought you were an ascetic monk?
Výkop: I wanted to take my fill properly for once and enjoy it and you have spoiled it for me...

Bottom left
Výkop: Now I feel guilty. Don't give me the porridge, potatoes just some and I don't want the salad neither...
Innkeeper: scratch
Crieger: Innkeeper, arrange an audience with the prince for us tomorrow.

Bottom right
Innkeeper: And whom should I announce?
Crieger: Well, us.
Výkop: Or the ambassadors from the Shine of the midday sun.

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Výkop's player used to play dwarfs so he really enjoyed the inns and pubs and devouring everything in them. He just forget he wasn't playing dwarf anymore
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