We're Werewolves Picture

Name: Melissa Dubois

Age: 35

Height: 170cm

Weight: 59kg

Species: Lycanthrope

The werewolf is supposed to be a mythological or folkloric human who, is under a curse or by magic, has the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature at will or under a full moon. Some say that some of them controls themselves; while others don't. Werewolves (also called Lycanthropes, Loup Garou, and Beasts) are a near-extinct supernatural species of individuals who unwillingly transform into fearsome and extremely hostile wolves on the night of the full moon . A werewolf has to kill a human in order to trigger their werewolf gene in order to activate their powers. It also does not matter if the gene was activated accidentally, or it was intentional. After the gene is triggered their eyes will turn yellow and their powers will activate instantly. A Werewolf who has yet to trigger his or her curse will only exhibit increased aggression and overwhelming fits of rage during nights of the full moon. Like normal humans, werewolves can eat normal food if they wish. However, because they turn into ferocious beasts during the full moon, they are flesh eating creatures. When they feed, it is absorbed throughout the body and they consume organs or body parts, but they do not have to feed in order to prolong their existence. There are no known penalties in the absence of devouring victims in werewolf form. It seems that most werewolves do not get to feed because most tend to lock themselves up during the full moon, or that before or after they make a kill, they're scared off before they get to chance to truly feed. Werewolves in their wolf form have the appearances not too far apart from a real wolf, but with glowing yellow eyes, wicked fangs, and far more brutish. When there is the full moon after sunset they will transform into a canine form, looking very much like a timber wolf, although larger. They can also be distinguished from regular wolves by their displays of supernatural strength, speed, and overall size. A werewolf will only transform in to a wolf under a full moon. The first transformation is quite slow and the person is subjected to at least five or six hours of intense pain before the actual transformation. After the first transformation it will get faster but still hurt. During the transformation, the body of the person is twisted in an unnatural manner as bones reshape and shift to form a wolf’s skeleton, causing the person immense physical and psychological pain. Later, the werewolf grows excessive body hair and becomes feral and huge eyes that glow yellow and fangs, then in seconds the werewolf will become a wolf. A werewolf returns to their human form after a few hours, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. After the first transformation the werewolf will experience muscle aches. Older werewolves can control themselves to some extent on the night of the full moon. Werewolves are known to be aggressive, strong and fast even in human form. Those with the werewolf curse still latent can exhibit some supernatural traits which can be triggered by aggression, along with unusual physical strength for the person's given size and age but they cannot fully transform and they also black out when they go blind with rage for no reason. Werewolves seem to have a strong sense of duty to protect their own. Also, werewolves have a higher body temperature than humans. While some werewolves prefer to keep to themselves and keep their beastly natures hidden, most seem to aggregate themselves into packs and residing in areas isolated from general human society.

Melissa was born into a family of werewolves. Both her mother and father were werewolves and as such she herself is a Pureblood Lycan able to take on wolf form, humanoid wolf form and even the larger combat orientated warg form. Her childhood was hell since she had been changing since the early age of 5 and because the change is painful she became traumatized for a period of her life but has since recovered from this. She decided to move away from the Pack but only because she wanted to find her own place in the world. She traveled to many countries seeking the one country that would be the most suitable for her to live and eventually stopped traveling when she came to Iceland. The thinly populated land was perfect for her, lots of forests, tundras and natural bodies of water, combine that with the cold and it was almost a guarantee that she wouldn't encounter any humans during her transformation. She became a tour guide after learning the language and due to her wolf instincts she became quickly familiar with the place and knew the most exquisite locations where people would be able to take the most breathtaking pictures of nature. She still travels the world but always returns to Iceland, the country she sees a home.

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