Samhain Picture

Testing and messing around with shading and stuff. Shading and coloring has always been one of the biggest difficulties I have had.

Samhain is the Celtic holiday that celebrates Summer's End and welcomes Winter. Some claim it was only Irish Celts who celebrated this, but there is evidence that many Celts celebrated it. Samhain (pronounced "Sow-In" or "Sah-win") is the origins of what we know today as "Halloween" and was originally celebrated for two days (what would be October 31 and November 1) Some places I believe still celebrate it for two days. The Celts believed that during this time the veil between our world and the Neither world were at it's thinnest and you'd see more Fairy activity as well as ghost. While they did have tales of "evil" ghosts and spirits, most were actually thought to be friendly simply wanting to revisit their still living families, or places they used to live or loved to be at while living. Also fairies weren't just tiny wings female characters, they were magical beings of various shapes and sizes. Leprechauns, to my knowledge were considered by Irish Celts to be a type of "Fairy" for example.

The Celts often would dress up in costumes, some say kids did this to trick people into "appeasing" them and giving them sweets thinking they were fairies or spirits, others say they did this to fool the spirits into thinking they were spirits themselves. Beyond the myth and magic, Samhain was also the time they harvested and prepared for the winter, often leading to needing to slaughter some cattle that they couldn't store, and harvesting a lot of crops, which they would use for a feast. During these feast many Celtic mythological tales would be told, and often were told to occur during Samhain. (Likely to make the tales more appealing to the listeners) So many events in Celtic Mythology took place during the time of Samhain.

Despite all the rumors there isn't any god named "Samhain" nor is Halloween related to Satan in anyway. Halloween comes from "All Saints Day" which the Catholic Church combined with the Celtic holiday Samhain and it's traditions.
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