Endymion 2- Sketch Book Picture

This is actually a different Endymion Character from the Endymion I have in the KHR fic

Endymion is now officially my favorite boys name X3
Yes. I am a geek.

This is Endymion Hikaru Bellerose

I'm making a story with one of the underlying themes being Diversity.

EDITS: Story beginnings- [link]

Endymion's Mother is Half Japanese Half Caucasian, with the Caucasian half being a mut mix of European(mostly French) and American

His Father is 100% home grown Japanese

So that makes Endymion...what? 3/4 Japanese the other 25% being Mut Caucasian

Endymion's name is rather multicultural ^__^

Endymion - from Greek Mythology as a lover of the Moon Goddess Selene.
Endymion's mother sees the Name as meaning "Loved by the Moon[Goddess]". His mother's name is Tsuki, which means Moon in Japanese. So his mommy loves him very much ;3

Hikaru- Common Japanese name meaning "light" or "to shine". Endymion get's this name after his Father

Bellerose- French surname meaning Beautiful Rose.
Tsuki's Father's Family originally came from France.

Endymion keeps his mother's surname because Tsuki and Endymion's father aren't married. Tsuki didn't want to get married but wanted a child. However, she didn't want her child's father to be some anonymous guy from a sperm bank. So one of her close guy friends helped her out ^__^

Endymion Stats:

Birthday: May 8th

Likes: Music, Reading and Motorcycles

Dislikes: Posers, Fakes and Wannabes. Also competing in team sports

Favorite Subject: Math

Least Favorite Subject: PE

Favorite Food: Sweets, especially cake and pastry, tho he tries to keep that fact a secret

Hobbies: Violin, Reading

Favorite Author: Agatha Christie, especially her Poirot Novels. Favorite Book: Murder on the Orient Express

Traits: Meticulously clean and tidy. Honest to a fault. Has a rather sarcastic scene of humor. Quiet. Hardly smiles.
He seems indifferent and unemotional, but to the people who take the time to get to know him, he's very kind and caring. He only shows his true smile to his close friends whom are very dear to him.
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