Sailor Hathor Picture

Name: Femi Omorose
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Bio: Femi is a highly talented musician and her songs revolve around the sky, love, and beauty. She has a kind caring heart and pours that into her music, which can settle hearts and calm debates in a matter of seconds. Femi also devotes some precious hours every week to helping farmers with their cattle herds. They greatly appreciate her help and even give her a percentage of the sales they get from selling their cows, to which she spends in town and gives back to the village. For her devotions and talents she was given the power to become Sailor Hathor: Goddess of the sky, love, beauty, and music.

This is the third Egyptian Sailor Senshi I've made via

She's based on the goddess Hathor of Egyptian mythology.

Update: I've updated the Senshi to fit my view of a more Egyptian style: cool to help with the heat(no stockings), and less frills and bows.
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