castor reference sheet Picture

castor's reference sheet. i'll add to it with clothing details soon

er what to say about this

castor was pollux's twin in greek mythology, and his epithet was always "breaker of horses," which seemed appropriate. hailey is the pronunciation of halley's comet, and was a compromise between Halley and Bailey, the last name of george bailey from it's a wonderful life, the one who lassoed the moon. relevant both because of lasso and because of his aspect being Space.

i decided on knight of space because (a) he feels like an instinctively protective character and (b) lassoing the moon and (c) the possibility of a SPACE COWBOY, which is sheerly for the purpose of firefly references. hence land of dust and fireflies

i imagine the drawn-out O as a really southern thing where for example "fond" becomes "faauhnd" and "misogynistic" becomes "misaauhgynistic." the Q doesn't affect pronunciation though

he is extremely into flarping, and only slightly less into bar fights (firefly!), but he's not very smart or good at fisticuffs, so he tends to damage his hands a lot and his knuckles are usually bleeding for one reason or another

the Vanquero's boots are obviously his ancestor's. vanquero as vanquisher + vaquero, in the style of legislacerator or subjugglator. they're way more complicated than i drew them here but when i finish the reference sheet i'll draw them out in all their hilariously flamboyant mexican cowboy boot detail.
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