Nut Picture

Have you ever heard the story of Nut and Geb? Its tragic, really... but im going to tell it to you anyway.... The story starts in Egypt.... Egypt Mythology.... A long, long time ago...

The sky is Nuts body. The Earth is Gebs body. When it is day, they are separate, but during each night, Nut comes down to visit Geb, causing darkness... or night.
Nut was married to the king of the gods, Ra, but she was in love with Geb. When Ra found out, he was furious! He said Nut could not give berth to children for 360 days of the year... which back then was the whole year. So, Ra was basically saying she could never have children.
Nut was sad, and went to the god of wisdom, Thoth, for help. At the time, the Moon was as bright as the sun. Thoth took some of this moonlight, and created 5 days for Nut to give berth to her children.
Her eldest son, Osiris, was born, and yelled, "The lord of all the earth is born!" Set, his younger brother, was born hating him. They had many fights... but thats for another story
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