Sailor Athena Reference Sheet Picture

I know I said on Thane Eros' reference sheet that he was Nemesis' final team member, but here is the actual one...Sailor Athena ^^
In civilian life she's called Ramona Wise, and she's one of the older team members. Her past name was called Lady Minerva.
Ramona is very smart and knowledgeable and always looking for new knowledge, among the Forgotten Guardians she's known as the senshi of wisdom.

I had some trouble trying to decide a color for her, but settled on golden yellow and green.
For her weapon I went with Athena's mythology counterpart, and gave her a shield embedded with the face of Medusa.
But don't worry, Sailor Athena didn't kill (or have anyone kill her) Medusa for the shield, it's an enchanted engraving inlaid with emeralds for her hair.
When in use the eyes of the shield open, and give the shield the capability to deflect any incoming attacks.

Edit: I forgot to add her symbol, so I added it in later ^^ , her symbol is an owl like symbol, as a nod toward the goddess Athena's favored animal the owl

Sailor Athena @ me
Association with Sailor Moon @ Naoko Takeuchi
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