The Werewolf Thwlbr'x Picture

The Werewolf Thwlbr'x.
Oil on canvas board, framed.

The story behind the name is "Thick as two bricks and trying to make something of it all".

The story behind the werewolf itself is that it illustrates me during some of the psychotic episodes I have experienced since the onset of schizophrenia when I feel I am being pushed into the same painting I created here. No hands because I could not reach people through communication and in terms of feeling I was unable to connect. The bottom jaw is snapped off and I am in a cold lonely place, howling (trying to sing) and wanting to be alone. The moon is a mask of a skull with the teeth fused together, one thing I would have liked to have to protect me from some of the bad fairy mojo forces that snapped by jaw shut randomly and sometimes with bloody effect. It was very therapeutic to get it out and onto canvas.

I am very happy with the piece.

I took a photo on my new Nikon D3200 of it in the frame on the wall. I am pretty happy with him. I am happy with the new camera.
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