Influence Map Picture

I had free time and no energy, so I did this. It's like a little puzzle, I had to cut out a few things. It's more of an inspiration than influence map...

1. SAILOR MOON! I always wanted to be an artist, but I don't remember what I drew before this fighter for love and justice entered my life.

2. Color. It's pretty self explanatory. I love color, but I'm also lazy, so I don't often get to the coloring part. But color still inspires me.

3. Aquatic life and underwater. It's beautiful ^.^

4. When I mistake something for something else. It sounds weird, but a lot of my favorite ideas come from me mistaking what I'm seeing.

5. Art nouveau and Mucha.

6. Gore, and innards. Red red innards

7. Feathers and soft things...

8. Renaissance and classic art and fashion

9. Books! Really good ones and sometimes really bad ones.

10. Mythology

11. All my favorite artist on dA!
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