Wolves of Ragnarok pt III Picture

In Norse mythology, Garm is the hound that guards the entrance to Hell. strictly speaking he's not a wolf then, but he still plays a part in my Wolves of Ragnarok story.

He's the youngest of the four 'godly' entities in my story, he follows Fenrir around like his shadow, rarely speaks, seems to be permanently lost in a world of his own and he generally sticks out like a sore thumb because of his unusual appearance. Actually, when I think about it, he acts just like a giant puppy dog XD

I originally wanted to give this guy black hair to go with his element of sorts... after all, Hatii the moon chaser has silver hair, Skol the sun chaser has fiery red hair and Fenrir has... darkish blue-ish hair. For the hound that guards the entrance to hell, I thought black hair would look good, but it's also kind of cliched >_>;

Anyway, Garm in his human form in my fic is completely harmless unless provoked. I didn't want him looking sinister.
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