Team Magma Picture

My Pokemon character and bio. I hope you like him, and I'd love to role-play if possible!

Name: Tyson K. Cole
Age: 19
Birthday: July 9th
Gender: Male
Born In: Oldale Town
Currently Resides: Lilycove City
Family: Greg Cole (Father), Tara Cole (Mother), Brooke Cole (Younger Sister)
Greatest Virtue: Determination
Fatal Flaw: Denial
Positive Personality Traits: Light-Hearted, curious, funny, determined, loyal
Negative Personality Traits: Blunt, doesn't know when to stop, greedy
Hobbies: Pranking, pointless board games, Pokemon training, studying rocks, reading mythology
Occupation: Team Magma Grunt
Short-Term Goals: Evolve his Zubat, do a Pokemon contest
Long-Term Goals: Awaken Groudon, become an Admin
Bad Habits:Constantly using an outside voice, snatching trinkets, writing one paragraph reports instead of one page
Pet Peeves: People who hate on weak Pokemon, Team Aqua members in general
Fears: Loosing any of his Pokemon, running into his sister Brooke
Pokemon: Blaze (Combusken, Male), Skittles (Delcatty, Male), Quinn (Zubat, Male), Star (Poochyena, Female), Moon (Poochyena, Female)
Favorite Food: Chili
Continue Reading: Moon