Aine - decendant of Annol Picture

This is Aine.
She's the like... granddaughter of Argentis Annol, my crazy dragonis (or demon dragon) dragon summoner.

Aine's a special gal, she's part of a goup of crazy people. so lets take a look at her
Info on Aine :
name origin - Celtic mythology, Aine is a Queen of the faerie folk, and the goddess of the moon.
hair - similar to her family, she's got silver hair, but the black bangs which cover her right eye are died somehow.
Eyes - her right eye is a pupiless golden eye, which argentis called 'Basilisk eyes' due to the fact that if anyone looks at it or sees it, they're momentarily petrified. hence why she covers it up.
Face marks - they're roughly in a shape of a wing, and 3 dotts which follow her cheek bone. Its a dragon-y thing. oh and its black and purple lipstick... cause i got bored
Wings - where would a fairy queen be withouth her wings? I tired getin them to look paritally dragon or demonic to show family heritage.
Clothes - they're argentis old style... just edited.
fireball - its UV. hence the entire blue purple colour scheme.
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