Underworld Senshi: Sailor Tartarus Picture

Contest entry for goddess-of-the-moon1's Underworld Senshi Contest

Senshi Identity:
Sailor Tartarus, Below the Earth
Civilian Identity:
Darcy (dark one)
: Darcy is objective, she tries to focus on the facts and leave her feelings out of it. She is knowledgeable. Appearing rigid, Darcy is known hate messes – everything from disorganization in her places to situations with feelings. Despite being skilled at interacting with people, Darcy is aloof. She has difficulty making real relationships and connections with people, such as friendship. Darcy is straight-forward, but she rarely offers praise and she isn't very supportive.

Hair: black
Eyes: violet
Skin: brown
Fuku Colors: orchid, gray, and silver
Build: pear

Explanation: I loved goddess-of-the-moon1's Underworld River Senshi idea, so I chose to theme by "bonus" two entries around geography. In the Underworld of Greek Mythology, it is depicted a place as far a below the earth as the earth is the sky. It's very dark.

Sailor Tartarus / Darcy © Me
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
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