Scipio and Athena Picture

I'm taking out of my scraps, just because i like it too much. this is from my old account and i'm currently posting stuff from my old account but putting it into scraps. except this one

i really don't want to explain this again but here it goes:

I had a dream that i had a twin brother and his deamon was a lioness and her name was Athena, and i find that ironic because before i decided his name was Scipio, my panther's name was Apollo and those of you who don't know mythology, Athena was a greek goddess of war and wisdom while Apollo was the god of the sun and poetry. yup, i think it would have been even better if the lioness' name was Artemis because Artemis was Apollo's twin sister and was the goddess of the moon, hunt, and patron goddess of virgins. the last part isn't really significant but the fact that their twins is.

the two silhouettes in the back are my brother and me, i'm behind his lioness and hes behind my panther.
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