EXO - Midnight Stand Picture

This is a scene from a comic idea, that I have had for many, many years in my mind. I wont go into details about the story or anything, I can just say that it combines my two loved ones, an Island in the Pacific and H.P. Lovecraftian mythology/horror.

I did this on a white A4 paper. I just feel more at home with A4 than those big ass A3. First I rough sketched it with a pen and then finished it with a black marker.

I`m really, I mean really critical towards my works. So there are still things that strike me in this picture, mainly the "horses" shadow compared to the full moon (as main source of light of course). But over all I think I did a good job with this. There is always things to improve, but if I stay on that road, nip picking every line, I wouldn`t get anything ready.

I did this somewhere in late september 2007.
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