Sailor Erinyes Picture

Senshi Identity: Sailor Erinyes, Senshi of Justice
Civilian Name: Phee Dunstan
Personality: Despite her history as Sailor Erinyes, Phee is a warm and sensitive person full of life. She's intense, she likes to enjoy every moment and not let time go to waste. Phee is passionate. Her passion extends to her friends. She hates being alone because it reminds her of her past. Phee, with her life experience, tries to help bring out the best in others. She's patient and encouraging. She is somewhat selfless. She doesn't like to control others, and she has being manipulated.
Backstory: Originally, she was known as Tisiphone. Without knowing any better, she joined the Furies. After becoming disillusioned with the Furies, she turned herself into the Royal Pluto family. She was offered redemption by becoming Sailor Erinyes, which she agreed to. To distances herself from the Furies and to remember her past, she renamed herself Phee.

As Sailor Erinyes, she served the Royal Pluto family, specifically the half-sisters Princess Trista and Princess Roimata. She was never close to either of the sisters. Her services extended to Princess Rosa, when she was betrothed to Princess Trista. Princess Rosa ended up being Sailor Erinyes' only friend. Unfortunately, it didn't end well. Princess Rosa was visiting the Moon Kingdom on behalf of the Pluto family when Queen Beryl and her Dark Forces attacked. When the Silver Millennia fell, Sailor Erinyes was released from her duties to the Pluto family. Princess Trista's heart turned icy and Princess Roimata went to the Saturn Princess, seeking rebirth.

Sailor Erinyes decided she didn't want to be reborn, but she did move to the Earth. While the Pluto sisters no longer needed her, she wanted to find her only friend. In her search for Princess Rosa, Sailor Erinyes did discover her own life. Eventually, she noticed people, specifically other princesses from the Silver Millennia, were reborn. Her search
really started when she encountered the Furies, an old enemy of the Royal Pluto family.

Mythology: In Greek Mythology, the Erinyes were three netherworld goddesses who avenged crimes against natural – such as homicide, unfilial conduct, and perjury. The Erinyes served Hades and Persephone in the underworld, where they oversaw the torture of criminals consigned to the “Dungeons of the Damned.” The Erinyes were known as the Furies in Roman Mythology.

Sailor Erinyes/Phee © Me
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi
Character designed by Allviran

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