Jade Rabbit and Solar Crow Picture

Ok, this is WAAAAAAY overdue! Here are my fakemon based on the Jade Rabbit & Three-legged Crow of Chinese mythology...

RARIBI (rare+chibi)
long ears pokemon
evolves to JADARE via Moon Relic
evolves to SOLAROW via Sun Relic
As their name suggests, RARIBI are both cute and rare. Trainers often spend a lot of time trying to find them for the sake of their Pokedexes and evolutions. Although they may be shy and timid, RARIBI can actually prove to be very powerful in a fight, and have been known to create miracles in battling.

JADARE (jade+hare)
medicine pokemon
JADARE are pokemon that are natural healers. They have vast knowledge about medicinal herbs and have been used in the past to cure the sick. Legend says that a lone JADARE sits in the moon, pounding a mysterious herbal mixture that grants immortality.

SOLAROW (solar+crow)
fiery bird pokemon
SOLAROWs, despite their black color, are actually very fiery pokemon. They could turn as bright as the sun if startled, and are known to be very territorial. Legend says that 10 SOLAROWs flew the sky in ancient times, creating devastating droughts because of their flames. A mythical archer shot down 9 of them, leaving one to be the only sun we see today.

That's it for now! I'll find more fakemon ideas later~
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