Heather Miller's Influence Map Picture

I've been seeing these Influence Maps around DA and decided to do one. Most of you who know me already know, er, all of these? XD

1. God-Who all my work is for, and for Who i live.
2.The sky/weather-I often look up into it, I absolutely love a blue sky with clouds. The weather has a huge effect on my emotions as well.
3.Leonardo Da Vinci-in particular this painting, “The annunciation.” My favorite painting, ever.
4. Clamp-everything by this group of women has had a HUGE influence on my art. Xxxholic is the most recent and a particular favorite in style of mine.
5. Mythology and sculpture
6. Bizenghast-Very distinct in style comic by M. Alice Legrow, she has had a huge influence in my style and has been rather a beacon of hope for an aspiring American Manga-ka, myself.
7. Hellsing, by Kouta Hirano-one of the most influential anime’s and manga to my work. It’s dark and edgy style along with extremely strong characters appeal to me greatly.
8. Sailor Moon-My first anime and one of my all time favorites.
9. Black Butler-(Sebastian Michaelis) My most recent and favorite anime/manga, very dark.
10. Love-Everybody who has ever supported me, cared about me, and people who I have loved myself.
11. Fashion
12. Walt Disney-Everything from Disney Princesses to the man himself, this man was told from the beginning that he was not creative. He rose above all of it and has influenced COUNTLESS people around the world and brought magic and inspiration to me.
13. Sorrow
14. Music-particularly the violin
15. Spyro the Dragon and 3D-Spryo was my first real video game experience with 3d, what influenced me to buy a Playstation, and probably part of what led me down the road to a 3D for video games degree.
16.Books and reading
17. Dreams
18.Yoshitaka Amano
19. History-Particularly the time periods of the renaissance, Victorian times, ancient Greece, history has had a huge impact on my art and has given me countless ideas and probably can be found in nearly every piece of artwork I create.

Obviously anime and manga have influenced me (most of my work is in this style) But I wanted to list particular ones that have had the greatest influence. I was going to list the actual country of Japan, but…I ran out of room, and figured all the anime on here pretty much suggests it.
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