Children of the Naruto Cast IV Picture

Oh yeah, baby! They look pretty evil and are the kids of evil people, but really, these three are good guys who are just really mean.

Tatsumi Bloodsin
Daughter of Orochimaru and Hydra Nebulon (original)
Age in this picture: 15
Meaning of name: Dragon Snake (as in Chinese Zodiac signs)

Shiritori Uchiha
Son of Itachi Uchiha and Polaris Nebulon (original)
Age in this picture: 13
Meaning of Name: Shiritori is a type of Japanese word game

Kaguya Uchiha
Daugher of Itachi Uchiha and Polaris Nebulon
Age in this Picture: 15
Meaning of Name: Named for the mythological Moon Princess in some kind of Japanese folklore.

Note: None of these three wear a headband. The siblings don't because their father is a betrayer, so they aren't quite sure what their village orientation is. Tatsumi prefers to wear low cut shirts because she has the Sound Village emblem tattooed to the area around her colarbone instead of on a headband.
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