Minokawa and Bakunawa Picture

Hell yeah! My main character comes in full color this time!

Just a side note, Maginus Swords deals with monsters from world mythologies, including my proud Filipino roots! For those who are not familiar with Minokawa and Bakunawa, Minokawa is a monster bird whose wings were powerful enough to create storms. Or so I believe. Meanwhile, Bakunawa is a huge-ass dragon who ate all six moons before the divine deity, Bathala, punished him.

In the manga, Bakunawa and Minokawa are two of the main character's ten swords. How he got ten swords remains hidden. LOL

By the way, which is Bakunawa and which is Minokawa? Heh, here's a clue: check the symbols on the swords!

Later pips!
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