Bid: Music Composition Cover Picture

A friend of mine had asked me if I would make a cover to the score of his composition for the competition this year...whilst watching Legally Blonde the Musical with him. It's not going to go anywhere, so I decided to go all out.
So, what the heck.

The music's based off of Norwegian mythology where there's a final sunset before the gods enter a battle. The world is thrown into a winter for three years and in the end, there is only one survivor.

Oddly enough, I got the inspiration from looking at this earlier today:

GIMP 2.65
Back ground -
Airbrush and splatters under dissolve w/ sharpen and blur.
Colors -
Special blend that seemed to work.
Tree -
My backyard at home.
Moon -
Brush I received from a friend a while ago; will give credit.

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