Vermicular: Bitter Sweet Picture

I don't get the digital art categories~ sorry : <

Bitter Sweet is my friend Kaia/Keko's character for my comic Vermicular :3


Name: Bitter Sweet .t Zelrak
Called: Bitter ((sometimes)) Bittersweet
Birthday: July 23rd 1993
Height: 5’ 5”
Personality Traits: dark, mysterious, quiet but can be loud. Protective, can look innocent, very observant, likes to kick ass
Likes: dark, mythological creatures, art, poetry, writing, reading, watching the stars and moons, fighting, forest, hiking
Dislikes: preppy people, hamsters, magazines, stupid boys, jocky boys, slutty girls, overly confident people, anything annoying.


character design by: Kaia/Keko
drawing and coloring by: me~
inking done by
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