Kagaya Picture

This is Aaro-sama's mommy and Enshimaru's ex-wife who is currently trying to kill them. She is very smart, very strong and very......um......asian....*shrugs*

Kagaya is a drerived from the name Kaguya which is a name generaly ascociated with japanese mythologies and the moon. Her dress is chinese in design and in a way she reminds me a lot of Chun Li from...whatever she's from. It escapes me at the moment, but I'm sure I'll remember as soon as I submit this.

Anyway...Kagaya may be a bit of a confused person, but she's not evil. She just knows what she thinks she has to do but isn't sure if it's what she really has to do because deep down she doesn't want to do it. :3 *that sentance makes sense if you think about it*



Kagaya (c) Me
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