Ayame Chou Picture

Name: Ayame Chou ( Ayami means Iris flower, and Chou means butterfly)
Gender: Girl
Age: Ageless, immortal (Is over 15 years old)
Ability: The ability to harness the power of spirits, making her accessable to possessing spirits, cause the death in a mortal, and can infuse her zaboishi sword with the power of the dead, making it deadly.
Description: Has cherry red arm length hair. Wairs black paper accessories in her hair and has a black hair piece. Carries the legendary Zaboishi sword from ancient Fugishian mythology. Wars a pink blouse, and a yellow skirt. Also wears yellow slippers.
Species: Moon goddess
Relationships: None
Location: Miserisian spirit palace

(c) Seiga Kaku, creator of the Fugisho no seires
Program: Windows 7 paint
Time eclasped: An hour and a half
Took so long because it's hard to draw with an old mouse
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