Artemis and the Fates Picture

A little word about this poster: first, it's my baby, and second, it's big (3 feet by 7.5 feet). Thirty pieces of paper, two thin-tipped Sharpies, four dead markers, and six months of intermittent work went into this thing. I loooove it. But as it's so big, it has to be put up in pieces. I've posted them in order from the upper left corner to the bottom right, working in columns.

It concerns female figures in Greek mythology, which has always been something I like. Then I became hooked on the Percy Jackson series and the affinity for it only increased ^_^

Anywho, the thing kicks off with Artemis, one of my childhood heroes, who was the goddess of the moon and hunting. Behind her are the Three Fates (Past 01, Present 02, and Future 03) who were in charge of spinning and cutting the life thread of every mortal.
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