Nantosuelta Picture

Since Celtic knot art is often based largely on Celtic and very occasionally Gaulic mythology and society, I wanted to paint something that connects with the region of Germany I'm from. Obviously, today it's Deutschland; however, in ancient times it was Celtic and Gaulic and after doing a lot of research, I came across a Gaulic deity that was worshiped in the area of Germany I'm from but also in parts of France and England so she could also be considered Celtic in essence. Her name is Nantosuelta and there isn't too much information on her but what I did learn was that bees, honeycombs and ravens were a few of her symbols as she was a deity of water and the sun as well as being a home deity and one that also helped the deceased to come to grips with death after they passed away. I created this beautiful painting that has taken me over 2 months to complete with a classic house shape with twin ravens in the roof area and the body of the house, the main structure is based on honey combs with bees all about. Within each honey comb, I traded off her two aspects- the sun and the moon and within each moon is also a small Celtic knot fire because as we have learned through science over the centuries, without the sun, the moon really wouldn't give off any kind of light since it isn't self-illuminated.
In the background I have a soft blue complete with whispy clouds and wonderfully soothing rays of sun shining down on this one of a kind salute to Nantosuelta. However, you needn't be a pagan or to follow mythology in order to enjoy and own this beautiful painting; purchase this beauty for your home or office and it'll be a wonderful talking point and something to enjoy for many years to come.
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